Day Trip to Dublin . . . Texas

Travel can be exhilarating, exhausting and expensive. Taking time off from work coupled with the cost of plane tickets, hotels, and tours can add up to a hefty bill. This doesn’t stop us from planning vacations in far off places, but if you have a “normal” job it can limit this kind of travel to once or twice a year. This is where the day-trip comes in.

A couple of weeks ago Jason and I scheduled a Saturday “date day.” Historically, we have planned activities close to home, such as visiting the arboretum or the DMA. Unfortunately, it can devolve into running errands and doing things around the house. This time, I wanted to do something different and the idea of a short road trip seemed to be the ticket.

Living in North Texas means that a day trip – somewhere you can drive to in one to two hours – doesn’t get you far out of North Texas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some interesting things to do. After searching around the internet I landed on the Dublin Bottling Company in Dublin, Texas. Just south of Stephenville, it would take around two hours to drive there. Upon mentioning this idea to Jason, he recalled reading about Dublin in Dean Fearing’s cookbook last year and was excited about the idea.

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They Say “Caw” in Boston

Boston is next on the travel agenda.  Over the next few posts I’ll talk about how we arrived at the decision to go to Boston – no science, just happenstance – as well as some ideas of things to do that we’ve been given by friends.  And, of course, pictures!

It’s been a few weeks since I posted – work has been super busy, I’ve written an article for an upcoming CLE, and I’ve actually taken some time to make some art.  Life goes by quickly so enjoy it!


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Avoiding Altitude Sickness

altitude_sickness-273x300Altitude sickness is defined as an “illness caused by ascent to a high altitude and the resulting shortage of oxygen, characterized chiefly by hyperventilation, nausea, exhaustion and cerebral edema.” (so says google) Typically, one suffering from altitude sickness experiences headaches, a loss of appetite, and sleeping difficulties. It’s a serious condition and if it persists the best way to treat it is to descend to a lower altitude.

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Where to Stay in Crested Butte


Your options are numerous when it comes to accommodations in Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte. CB is in the valley, and Mt. CB is at the mountain base where the ski lifts run (more about what to do in CB in a later post). Depending on where you want to set up camp, you may want to pick one over the other.   No matter where you stay though, you have a free shuttle bus that runs between the two towns and a nicely paved path. This year we hiked from our condo in Mt. CB to town and it was about 3 miles.

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Going Back to Colorado


This makes our 11th year to visit Crested Butte, Colorado.  Every year a number of people from Texas (okay, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people) make their way to Colorado for a short respite from the heat.  There really is no other place like Colorado with its breathtaking beauty, cool air, and endless outdoor fun.

Over the next week I’ll post on the following topics to help you plan your next trip to the Rocky Mountains.  

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