Going Back to Colorado


This makes our 11th year to visit Crested Butte, Colorado.  Every year a number of people from Texas (okay, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people) make their way to Colorado for a short respite from the heat.  There really is no other place like Colorado with its breathtaking beauty, cool air, and endless outdoor fun.

Over the next week I’ll post on the following topics to help you plan your next trip to the Rocky Mountains.  

How to Get to Crested Butte

Where to Stay in Crested Butte

What to Pack for a Trip to Colorado

How to Avoid Altitude Sickness (Or What to Do If You Get Altitude Sickness)

What to Do in Crested Butte

Crested Butte is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Colorado – it is the wildflower capital of this great state and has managed to retain a small, mountain town feel despite the huge number of visitors every year.  Today, my husband is heading over to the local golf course for a round with the guys, and I’ll enjoy some hiking and plein air painting.  Right now McGill’s is sounding pretty darn good for breakfast.

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