Encouragement from the Universe . . . or Coincidence?

Some say coincidence where others say miracle – I fall in the miracle category. Coincidence just isn’t that exciting to me . . . I prefer to believe that everything happens for a reason.

Recently, I had a conversation with the universe about a book idea and whether I should pursue it. (I can’t say my idea because I don’t think it was . . . I believe that it was given to me, not created by me.) Part of the deal I made was that I would do all the work and the universe will take care of the results, whatever they are intended to be. I agreed to stop “thinking about” whether I should do it and just freaking do it. Once that was settled, the tiny miracles started to happen. In fact, one big fat miracle happened the day after my latest blog post about this “turning it over.”

A little back story is necessary at this point. The book that I am researching is about a capital murder case in the late 80’s. As part of my research, I want to interview all of the players: the judge, the defense attorneys, and the prosecution team. In this case, there were two judges because the venue of the case changed. The judge that was actually going to hear the capital murder case just happens to be one of my law school professors. (He’s now a federal district judge.) I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to get in to see him. Not so much. I called a few weeks ago and he’s in the middle of a 12-week trial. His assistant tells me that “he doesn’t remember much about that case and doesn’t have time to get together – sorry.” I’m a bit taken aback – he doesn’t remember much about this case? I don’t think so . . . he’s just putting me off. But there’s only so much you can do to get a federal judge to meet with you so I shelve that idea for later.

Fast forward a bit – this past weekend I travel to Phoenix to visit a college friend that I haven’t seen in ages. (It’s her birthday this weekend, it’s warm in Phoenix, we needed to catch up . . . perfect weekend to get away from Dallas and visit her.) On the flight from Dallas to Phoenix I notice this man that looks a lot like the federal judge. I’m thinking – how can this be? He’s in the middle of a 12-week trial? And how could he possible be on the same plane as me? Not having a chance to say anything on the plane, I haul ass off the plane and practically run to the baggage claim to see if I can catch up to him. (He was on the first row of economy and I was back near the door – yes, I will help others get off the plane in exchange for a lot of leg room.) I spot his bright green striped shirt and walk up to him – “Judge?” I ask tentatively. He turns around – oh, yes, that IS him and this is a big fat miracle.

After catching up with him and his wife, I mention that I called him a few weeks ago to talk about the case. He says, “Yes, I was putting you off because I don’t want to talk about that case.” (Of course he remembers this case! How could he NOT remember this case?!?!) He complains that it was such a sad situation that he doesn’t want to talk about it. “But, it turned out ok in the end – it all worked out. It’s an incredible story!! I have to tell it.” So, he agreed to talk to me and gave me his business card. Now, if THAT isn’t some encouragement from the universe, I don’t know what it could be. I’m taking that and running with it as far as I can.

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