Check Yourself – Who you wanna BE?

2015-07-18 11.56.19-1A dear friend of mine recently opened a high-end spa in Dallas. In addition to her quality services, she has a retail section of luxurious apothecary items—all items you can find on her “Czech List,” which is derived from her name. Cool name, cool idea.

This concept of a list of things you love got me to thinking about my own list and what would it be called. I started with many attempts to incorporate my name – no play on words developed. But, my initial “B” provided an interesting opportunity that morphed into a “Be List.”

Creating a “Be List” flipped the original idea on its head. Rather than focusing on a list of “lux” items to buy and have (and there’s not anything wrong with buying a little luxury), it got me to thinking about characteristics, qualities, or traits that I would want to exemplify in my life. In fact, I had already started developing a list a year or so ago when I was working through the book Simple Abundance. So, instead of focusing on the tangible goodies that I want to possess, who do I want to BE.

Le Premier Mot: Be Yourself

I’m sure you’ve seen the post on facebook (or elsewhere in the internet ether) that reads: In a world full of Kardashians, be an Audrey [Hepburn]. There are other iterations of this – be a Stevie, be a Diana, be a Lucy, be a Janis. How about “be yourself”? Yeah, yeah, I get it. It’s a snub to the Kardashian girls and a call to be more like the other woman that are listed who are universally considered classy, one of a kind, or elegant.

A couple of thoughts come to mind with this statement, primarily that it calls for us to be someone else.  In a world full of comparisons, it can be hard to say to yourself: I love who I am, I love my body, I love my personality, I love who I am today.

The other thought is that it invites negativity and disdain towards a group of women that I don’t even know. While I have never watched an episode of the show, I would suspect that the Kardashian girls aren’t much different than the rest of us on the inside – they want to be loved, appreciated, and happy. Who doesn’t? I further suspect that all the women on the other side of that equation (Audrey, Janis, Lucy, Stevie, and Diana) felt the same way. In a world full of expectations and demands, be yourself – even better, be true to yourself. It’s hard to give yourself a break and just be yourself, much less try to live up to some popular conception of another woman that’s been off the planet for over 30 years (Janis) or a woman who was a Princess or funnier than I could ever even imagine being. So give the idea of being someone else the middle finger (with or without a glove on it) and just BE YOURSELF . . . you are the only one that can.


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